How to make your home child-friendly

Making your home child-friendly is no easy joke. Your dear ones tend to cause of lot of trouble. Sometimes, they are the ones troubled too. They can’t understand the basic house rules. Their sensitivity differs greatly from ours. They won’t be a fan of your loud music. Here’s how to make your home child-friendly, besides getting rid of your unruly dog and hiring a nanny.

Electric outlets:

Electricity and kids make a lethal combination. It is the least kid friendly aspect of your home. Install covers on every electric outlet. If the outlet isn’t being used, it should remain closed. Through renovation, make outlets go higher from the reach of your dear ones. Try to cover outlets smartly by use of furniture.


What’s the real danger that a bathroom brings? It’s pretty simple. Your child tends to fall anytime in those slippery floors. Consider using rubber mats for bathroom floor. Instead of standard tiles, switch to anti-slip tiles. Ensure the soap is trapped in a tray to avoid slip-ups.


Misuse of stairs and being careless there, can severely injure adults. Imagine the fate of children in that spot. Add slip proof matting in stairs. Teach your children about using the stairs safely. Apply non-slip grip on stair handles. Use heavy matting at the bottom of stairs, where impact will be extreme during a fall.


Your kitchen is no picnic to your child. It involves major dangers like fire, knives, forks and other sharp objects. As a first step, choose an oven that has children safety features. Oven is no place for a child to have access.


Children show more eagerness than adults, especially with new objects. Make sure, the cabinets are not there waiting for a fall. Corners of chairs and tables should possess cushion in case a child hits head with it. Believe it, children are that crazy.